Augustan Knitwear Pvt Ltd

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Augustan Knitwear Pvt Ltd
Private Sector - Private Limited Company
3/127-A, Manickampalayam , Kunnathupudur Post
Coimbatore - 641107

No. of Branches : 0 | Total No. of Staffs : 500 - 1000

About Employer

Augustan Group was founded in 1996 in Coimbatore, India, and has grown into one of south India’s leading knit apparel manufacturers. In its infancy, Augustan was in the business of distributing a wide variety of textile products manufactured by third party textile houses. As volume increased, dependence on third party manufacturing began to hinder Augustan’s ability to guarantee competitive pricing and timely delivery. Augustan also noticed the lack of communication that had become an industry standard. As a result, a strategic decision was made to set up its own in house manufacturing operations in India in order to better satisfy the needs of Augustan’s customers.

Based upon demographic and geographic research, Augustan chose Coimbatore, India, as the location to begin construction of its new manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility was completed according to schedule and began to export 100% of its production to the United States and Europe. As time went on, Augustan’s principals of transparency, timely communication, quality construction and competitive pricing allowed for significant expansion. As a result, Augustan is now one of South India’s largest apparel manufacturing houses.

As volume increased, Augustan realized to ensure quality and price competitiveness, Augustan had to have control over the entire manufacturing process of the product it delivered. Augustan embarked upon setting up facilities that allowed for greater control of the manufacturing process as well as the ability to trace a product to its original yarn form. Augustan Knitting as well as Augustan Colours were created in order to conform to Augustan’s high quality standards, and allowed for vertical integration of the manufacturing process.