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The brand Machu is the brainchild of an ambitious, hardworking man and his pure dedication towards art that lives on forever.

Suresh Machu started from absolutely nowhere in this field, and his undying love for art, his grit and tenacity, has today, propelled the brand, to such great heights. And he has done it all, with utmost simplicity, grace and
unbreakable confidence.

Suresh loved to draw and paint, even as a kid. Artwork always more than just a hobby. He has won several competitions in school and his art has been recognized at a national level.

Blinded by societal norms, Suresh earned a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Anna University and an MBA in Retail and Supply Chain management. He kick-started his career with the tech giant, Microsoft as a Business Analyst.

Five months into corporate life, Suresh was left yearning to return to art, and a tryst with tattooing changed his life forever. He fell in love with this unique art form, of being able to leave a beautiful piece of art on someone’s skin, hence changing a part of who they are forevermore.

He backed his passion with an advanced tattoo certification from Miami Ink, spending his entire life’s saving for the same. And with just 5000 rupees left to his name, he found his way to Bangalore with a burning desire to change the tattoo scene in the city, in a big way.

Suresh Machu started finding ways to make his business unique. He started Free Home Service, which was a rarity in the tattoo industry, to benefit people who couldn’t travel, as they were stay-at-home parents and others such.

This was a first, in the Bangalore tattoo scene, and was very well received, by a lot of his clients. His quality of work earned him a larger client base and soon, a lot of people began to flock towards Machu tattoo studios, to ink their dreams, onto their skins. And from then, it has only been onwards and upwards for Mr. Machu and his dream.

As of 2020, there are 6 branches of Machu Tattoo studio, churning out quality work, of the highest degree. His team members are handpicked and trained by Suresh Machu, and quality of work and creativity is given utmost priority.

Suresh and his team believe that “Client is King”. He teaches his students that while this job might fetch them money or fulfil their passions, working for client’s happiness and satisfaction, will always earn them the greatest rewards.

Team Machu has won several international awards around the world and Machu tattoo school is now government recognized and filled with eager students, passionate towards this art.

Suresh’s dream of taking the brand to greater heights, backed by this hard work, loyal customers and supportive team is bound to come true, very soon. Suresh and team know how important it is, to understand the customer and their intent towards carving permanent markings on their skin and promise to always do their very best in making sure you get exactly what you wish for.