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Hello Sir/ Madam
Greetings to you from Airmedia Broadcast Solutions (
As discussed earlier we are honoured to support (NGO/Trust/Foundation/University/College/School
/Society) in establishing the Community Radio station at your premises. This initiation is a boon to the
student community who will be experiencing the miniature version of the world of media. They get great
exposure and it is a blessing to all the nearby residents of the town.
Launching this Community Radio brings your University to the limelight among the Best Colleges in our
Country boosting the growth of your Development. This brings your Government Subsidies and is
followed by many projects from the side of the Central Government (MIB) Ministry of Information
& Broadcasting.
We require your Staff coordination and cooperation with all the duties carried out. We assure you to assist
you in all possible ways.
Thank you for taking valuable time with us for a discussion about the Community Radio Station program
and you have granted us permission for the Community Radio Station Installation,
Government of India:
Government of India, vide announcement made in December 2002 has opened up vistas for educational
institutions/organizations to have their own small power FM Radio Stations. Currently, there are 316
Community FM Radio Stations all over India.
As a step forward in this direction, the Government has invited applications for grants of licenses to
community-based organizations for setting up Community Radio Stations. The idea behind the scheme is
to enable these organizations to provide radio coverage within the area of operation and to serve the cause
of the community by involving members of the community.
These radio stations will go a long way in reaching out to the community with program content that shall
be interesting to the local audience. The local community would thus benefit greatly and find itself more
involved in the happenings within the campus in the areas of education, health, sports, entertainment,
university debates, seminars, workshops, cultural events etc.
Airmedia is at your service to enable you to set up your community radio from scratch to help you build
and interact with your like-minded community.
From launching and installing the Community FM Radio to the execution stands to render our
exceptional services.

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